Monday, June 27, 2011

Second Day!!! =D

Today was the first day at the school. We met at the Pontifica Universidad de Salamanca, which is a private university in Salamanca. I then took a Spanish placement test. I didn't think I did so well, but it's good to get the right placement. 
Afterwards, I finally got my phone card to call my dad! 
Then I tried to walk back to my host family but got lost. 
But on the way, I met this really nice Chinese lady who own a boutique clothing and jewelry store. She was really nice. I spoke mandarin with her. Didn't know I could meet Chinese people in Salamanca, Spain! 
She helped me with directions too. 
I had a nice lunch with pasta, the dish was called Macarrona. 
Then we had to meet under the clock at 3:30pm to take a guided tour of Salamanca. That was really cool to sight-see. We saw a beautiful cathedral, with tints of gothic style. I had never been in a cathedral before so that was a really cool experience. 
After the tour, I walked around and did some shopping, looking at shoes of course hahaha. 
I also tried to look for a dictionary. I asked where I coudl find one, and then I went to the bookstore. After I got out, I got lost and didn't know where I was. I walked around thinking I could find my way back to mi casa (my home), but after an hour of wandering around, I asked someone and realized I was waaay far off from where I live. I finally made my way back home. 
For dinner, we had these really delicious fried fish balls.
At night, my roommate and I went to the Plaza Mayor and sat in the middle and chilled there. It is so beautiful and romantic at night. I meditated there for a few minutes. 
I prepare for my first day of Spanish class tomorrow! We'll see which level I get placed!
Yours Truly, 

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