Monday, June 27, 2011

Second Day!!! =D

Today was the first day at the school. We met at the Pontifica Universidad de Salamanca, which is a private university in Salamanca. I then took a Spanish placement test. I didn't think I did so well, but it's good to get the right placement. 
Afterwards, I finally got my phone card to call my dad! 
Then I tried to walk back to my host family but got lost. 
But on the way, I met this really nice Chinese lady who own a boutique clothing and jewelry store. She was really nice. I spoke mandarin with her. Didn't know I could meet Chinese people in Salamanca, Spain! 
She helped me with directions too. 
I had a nice lunch with pasta, the dish was called Macarrona. 
Then we had to meet under the clock at 3:30pm to take a guided tour of Salamanca. That was really cool to sight-see. We saw a beautiful cathedral, with tints of gothic style. I had never been in a cathedral before so that was a really cool experience. 
After the tour, I walked around and did some shopping, looking at shoes of course hahaha. 
I also tried to look for a dictionary. I asked where I coudl find one, and then I went to the bookstore. After I got out, I got lost and didn't know where I was. I walked around thinking I could find my way back to mi casa (my home), but after an hour of wandering around, I asked someone and realized I was waaay far off from where I live. I finally made my way back home. 
For dinner, we had these really delicious fried fish balls.
At night, my roommate and I went to the Plaza Mayor and sat in the middle and chilled there. It is so beautiful and romantic at night. I meditated there for a few minutes. 
I prepare for my first day of Spanish class tomorrow! We'll see which level I get placed!
Yours Truly, 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Day in Spain!!!

So after a loong airplane ride, and a two hour bus ride from the Madrid Airport to Salamanca, I finally made it to SPAIN!
My host family, the woman named Lourdes with her boyfriend Manuel came to pick me up after the bus dropped us all off. They are soo nice. The home is beautiful. It had such a homey feel to it.
The buildings in Spain are soooo amazing. Salamanca has Pre-Roman times buildings, so it is super gorgeous.
I felt so free when I was riding in the car just enjoying passing by the beautiful buildings.
Then Lourdes cooked us all a wonderful and delicious dinner. We had organically home fried French Fries, a nice simple salad with tomatoes, red pepper, onion, lettuce and oil. She also fried chicken fillet pieces for us. We then had watermelon for dessert. What an amazing first dinner!!!
I didn't bring the Sandisk card converter to upload photos, but I hope to figure that out soon and will upload photos when I do!
Tomorrow I start class! We have an orientation at 8:30am! So excited!!
Well gotta sleep now! Good night from Spain!