Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th!

So today I got a lot done. I went to exchange money, got stamps, put more money on my phone card, checked on the camera card converter, and got a dictionary. I feel pretty good about myself.  I think my Spanish is getting better, and I love that I am able to apply what I have learned to real life. I am going to actually write some postcards and send them out, this is my first time at a foreign country sending out postcards to home in the U.S.
Afterwards, I went to talk to my newfound friend at the clothing store, who also happens to be Chinese.  We talked for hours about life, and we told each other about our love lives hahaha funny, it was a really nice conversation. She is so nice and fun to talk to. I loved hearing about her story.  Turns out her family is also from Vietnam, same as my parents and family.
I was sick all last week. I went to the hospital emergency room because that was the only way that I could see a doctor. I was experiencing bad allergies and asthma. Luckily, my professor, one of the directors of the trip went with me and translated for me. Bless her heart, she is so nice. We bonded and got to know each other better over the course of the five hour wait. I got medication and I feel much better now. I am not coughing as much and my cough and breathing has gotten much better. Maybe because I could not breathe that well, there was not enough oxygen in my brain to have it work well enough, because I feel so much more alert today now that I can breathe better lol.
Until next post!
Happy July 4th those in the U.S.A.!

Spain Update!

Hello! So I wanted to talk about my Spanish class. They are so awesome. I have two classes: one for Spanish grammar and one for Spanish conversation. Both the profesoras are really nice. They are open for  questions and really eager to teach us Spanish. I am really glad that I am getting a good review of the Spanish language. I am definitely going to make the most of the Spanish lessons here and learn to speak it as best I can.  My university is called the Pontificia Universidad de Salamanca.  We have funny conversations in our conversation class and have a good time. My classmates Dario, Tanya, and David are really nice and also really passionate and eager to learn Spanish.
The home cooked meals I have are really good.  I have dinner at about 9:30pm or 10pm because the sun does not set until around that time, pretty crazy huh!
Alright, I'm going to update more later!