Friday, May 6, 2011

May 5 baby! (miscellaneous post prior to Spain) I had a great day.
I gave a speech at Southern California Edison for the APIASF scholarship fund.
I networked and met some really cool people who were going to help me with my network.
I will never forget what one of the gentlemen said, "You will do great things." I believe him and that inspires me. He said he could tell I was going to make in media. I am so touched.  It feels great to have people believe in me.
I also got a call from KCET in the morning to follow up in August.
at night I went to Battle Royale!!! at Key Club on Sunset Blvd, Hollwood
The performances were pretty awesome!
I met the choreographer of Samahang. and got a Midori Sour haha
I also met a performer from NSU Modern and DSC, he was pretty cool.  we have similar interests and plans to hit the bars and clubs.  My sis and I waited in his car while waiting for our ride because we were so cold! haha then I borrowed one of his Battle Royale t-shirts hehe
Dancing was soooo fun! I looove dancing!!! I danced my heart out tonight! The music was pretty bomb, hip hop with a lot of bass, my favorite haha
Okay until next post!

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